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Colored Moissanite Gem Evil Eye Custom Link

Colored Moissanite Gem Evil Eye Custom Link

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Introducing our striking 13mm Moissanite Custom Evil Eye Link Chain, a fusion of bold style and captivating protection. This unique piece features a stunning evil eye symbol adorned with a mesmerizing array of colored moissanite stones, showcasing a brilliant spectrum of hues. Complementing the design are pristine white VVS1 color D stones, adding an extra touch of elegance and brilliance to this one-of-a-kind creation. Embrace the charm of this artisanal masterpiece, radiating both fashion-forward flair and spiritual significance. Defend your style with our custom evil eye link chain, a symbol of beauty and positive energy combined in perfect harmony.


925 Silver

Moissanite VVS1 Color D

13MM Width MM 

20" Necklace 

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